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Professional Radio Services


G Radio is offering integrated audio/video broadcasting covering all tastes including Music, News, Comedy programs, special talk shows and other general entertaining programs as well. Moreover, G Radio Networks will possess its own huge library of thousands hours of programming during the upcoming years.


G Radio Network initiates its efforts with an ambition to provide high quality media and entertaining stuff in all genres available on all media platforms. It strives to become the leading broadcasting company and wants to be distinguished enterprise in the industry.

G Radio Network works from its own art studio well-equipped with sound editing and audio recording facilities. All these latest facilities are up to international standards allowing making instant changes in the programming.

Internet Radio

Internet radio is also popularly known as its various synonyms like Web Radio, Online Radio, Digital Radio, E-Radio or Online Streaming Radio. Radio is the cost-effective and effective mean used to transmit or broadcast any information or message to the public. In the ancient times, these are the only and mostly used equipment to convey the information, news or any other entertaining programs to the audience.

Traditionally, it is a device to broadcast audio waves over the transmitters covering specific area. It receives analog signals through an embedded metal stick, commonly known as an antenna. The whole process is managed by a specific radio network station to catch the waves in order to broadcast it to the area it covers.  It generally works on the electricity or rechargeable and removable batteries.

But in this digital era, Internet Radio is quite famous and in demand among the masses. As it comes in the compact version comparatively and light in weight as well. Generally Internet Radio comes into various multi-tasking devices such as Mobile phones, Laptops or any other electronic devices. Unlike traditional Radio sets, digital Radio does not required a specific body or machine specially made for playing only Radio stations. It continuously play or broadcast the audio streaming which generally can’t be paused or replayed.